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Federal Tax Deadline-Day

For many, today marks the most secular day in the calendar of events which occur every year.  While, falling on a Sunday, April 15 is usually more notoriously known for the official deadline for submitting one’s taxes to the Government.  Since it falls on Sunday, the tax deadline is given two more days of grace, before midnight,  April 17, Tuesday.

Thus, we are able to set aside, if we dare, submitting our tax forms until Tuesday, which is just one more way to allow procrastinators to completely ruin another week.  We dare not, or, at least, do so at our own peril, delay beyond that.  Doing so is fraught with its own pitfalls and intimidations.

What is really critical about all this is that there are many more important and critical things about this day that marks our recognition of it and an adherence to its rules. For so long, we have been reminded that there are two givens upon all of us:  “Death and Taxes.”  Increasingly, it appears that there are some real questions as to how many of us may qualify for the latter.  While most of us attempt to delay the former, the latter seems to be an increasingly optional choice.  At least for some.

The Positive Side of Taxes

Now, today, we come to one of those peculiar moments when we are given the occasion to consider what all of this means.  Taxes have been given a rather villainous reputation.  However, when considering what taxes buy, it may be to our credit to evaluate just what we would have to live without, if we forgo paying them. The question becomes, would we be willing to surrender all the advantages and benefits that taxes offer?  Would we be willing to see many go without the basics of survival, if the safety net suddenly developed huge and irreparable holes?

How about the foundation stones of our enormously intertwined culture?  Could we get along without them?  What say we of all the supportive systems for the aged, the disabled, the wounded from wars, the increasing numbers injured and ruined by major catastrophes?  How about our ability to defend ourselves and to be protected by systems whose job it is to “protect and serve?”  The list grows laboriously long.  Flippant disregard for the consequences of “tossing aside” so much that is bought by taxes may leave us stunned and awakened  by the reality  of becoming completely libertarian in our ideology.

Just for Today, along with  these two “free tax days”, we may want to give some consideration to what it means to live in a culture of shared camaraderie and responsibility .

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