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Seniors Who Win The Lottery

Let’s assume you won it.  Let’s assume you bought that one lottery ticket that carried with it multi-millions in winning. Let’s assume you aren’t impoverished, but living comfortably in retirement.  Let’s assume you are not overcome by sudden wealth.  Let’s assume you have family, all of whom are comfortably fixed.  Let’s assume your health is reasonably good.  Let’s assume you aren’t burdened by debt.  Let’s assume you are, by nature, generous and caring.

What would you do if you won multi-millions, with all these assumptions in place, and how would you manage those millions in behalf of your own future?

How would you choose to distribute that great wealth?  Who would you consider, as you decided upon your own means for being sure others were remembered?  Or would you?

What would be the considerations you would take into account as you determined just how you would spread this wonderful largesse out so that, not only you, but others participated in its enjoyment?

Or would that even come under consideration?

Lottery Win in Our HomeTown

The couple who won the prize, or half of it, in the most recent mega win live somewhere near us in the Fountain Hills suburb of Scottsdale and Phoenix. They have chosen a course of action that seems prudent, wise, cautious, deliberate, sharing and thoughtful.  They are a worthy example to all who find themselves the recipient of sudden and overwhelming wealth.

Among their intentions is to create a  charitable foundation which will address their favorite causes.  How utterly moving.  Before they rush out to an automobile dealer or a real estate agent, assigned to find a private island, or splurge on baubles and bangles and other trinkets of little use, they take into account what they can do and want to do in behalf of others. It may be they are fortunate enough to be in a position to be not otherwise tempted.  Nevertheless, they are wise enough to know where priorities of generosity lie.

Congratulations to them and their advisers for sorting out how best to proceed.  Accolades to them that they are careful in their choices, sensible in their judgment.  Those who would prey upon them, were they to make their identity known, would be numerous and inappropriately demanding.  This way, those who deserve to be generous can be, without pressure, without insult, without guilt.

Thank you, whoever you are, for having complimented us by your example.  And thank you for whatever the good it is that you choose to do.  Our world is better because of people like you.


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