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Business as Unusual

Things won’t unfold as usual this holiday season.  For seniors and those of us whose orientation to keep abreast of goings on, we are aware of the huge shift in the national mood over the past number of days.

To assume that things can shift back to some kind of normalcy is to be blinded to the dynamics that have affected and consumed us all. Businesses and every other facet of daily life has been broadly and specifically targeted with the need for reflection, introspection and dissection of what is moving abroad in our land.

Business, as we move toward 2013, won’t be able to slide into the ordinary, nor should it.  The chaos that caught our attention will hold it for yet a while.  Our need to find some kind of tranquility and serenity will be strong.  Our desire for others to know the same will come as a shared longing.  We will need to evaluate and appraise the landscape in which we live with deliberate and intentional assessment.

And, when we have, we will need to be about deciding how we are going to work very intentionally to change  those things we can change. It will not be business as usual.  It will be life as unusual.  Focusing on actions that make a difference will be the need on which we center our attention.  No one can rightly, conscientiously turn our backs on that which compels our need to concentrate on what our part can be in the year ahead.  No time for apathy.  No excuses for indifference.  No lackadaisical disinterest.  It is ours to plunge into the moment in which we are now a necessary part.

If death is the great attention getter during this season, then life needs to be great motivator. There is for us now a huge incentive to be in the movement in which our attitudes and principles, our desires and behaviors call us out to be brave, courageous, dedicated to making a peaceful and caring difference in this world.  Lacking that, death will win.  Encouraging that, we will rise to a new sense of our own need to be better, wiser, more directed to making an unusual difference for good.

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