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Think Thankfulness

This Thanksgiving give thinking thankfulness a try for at least 16 hours of the day. Just for today or Thursday or whenever you are celebrating the occasion this year, lend yourself to thinking thankful thoughts. Write them down, if you wish.  Post them  on the refrigerator, but remove all else that would distract from them.  Put up extra paper so that others may join in your exercise.  Use bright, colorful markers.  Come up with pithy and clever phrases.  Don’t worry about spelling.  It’s the thought that counts.  Think Thankfulness. Add in some provocative art.  Be creative. make the day and its expressions a masterpiece.

Be sure your first thought includes an invitation to others who may be in your kitchen on these holidays to join in expressing themselves.  This is the creation of synergy.  The more who participate, the more exciting and involving it becomes. Use your noodle.  Tout your feelings.  Don’t hold back.  Tell someone who will be in your home how much you love them. Write in large letters, but don’t be selfish.  Provide space for others.  If this adventure catches on, add more paper.  Consider getting a roll of newsprint from the local newspaper office.  They don’t use complete rolls.  Stop by and pick up leftovers.

Expressions of Thankfulness

Think Thankfulness about your home, family, friends, life opportunities, work, others, the homeless and deprived. Think thankfulness for all those who are impacted by the economy.  Think thankfulness that you remembered to contribute to the Good Stores, Food Banks, and other operations that help others.  Think thankfulness when you invite your guests to bring extra canned goods to your thanksgiving meal to be distributed later to those in need.  Think thankfulness that you and others of your close knit group decided to spend part of the day serving at a church for those in the community who have no place to go on Thanksgiving. Think thankfulness for pets and humane societies and rescuers and foster parents of lost animals.  Think about those who are working today, first responders, police officers, nurses and health care employees. Think of those in assisted living and nursing homes and in lands far away serving our country, think of those who are home alone, praying and wishing for their return.

Think about ways to help homeless families, and their confused children.  Think Thankfulness hour by hour.  If you come up with more than one thankful idea an hour, post it.  Let your frame of mind embrace, envelop, enlarge your imagination.  There is, so the cliche goes, so much to be thankful for. Make it more than a cliche.  Give it feet, ready to walk or stand for the poor.  Give it arms, anxious to embrace those who are cold and afraid.  Give it lips and tongues to speak words of encouragement and promise.  Give it eyes that see and care for and shine in the presence of others who are hurting. Think thankfulness.

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