JUST FOR SUNDAY: 10/23/2011

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Find Fulfillment in Life

The following quote has been used numerous times over the years as a way to focus what we seek in life to find fulfillment.  It has served to open eyes and doors and windows for many senior citizens.  We hope it will speak to you as well.

THE RISK OF LOVING By Joseph Simons and Jeanne Reidy

We want and really need someone who will be involved in our life.  When we open that hidden part of ourselves, even for a moment, we need someone who will react with us.  We need someone who will share our strong emotions.  We need someone so involved that they will be afraid with us, be glad with us, be depressed with us, who will expose their own humanity as we expose ours.  It is this contact between two human beings, revealing their common sensitivities, which draws them from loneliness and joins them together.

Sharing Burdens Lightens Them

Such sensitivity does not solve any problems or analyze any situation.  Rather, it simply offers one human being the gift of another human being’s self.  It is an attempt to reach out and join hands with another person in this struggle which is life.  It is a way of saying that we are all human.  There is no promise of less grief, sadness or depression.  One person’s burden is lighter, not because they gave part of it away, but because they now know that another person with a similar burden is with them and really understands. It is all right to be afraid.  It is all right to be confused.  It is all right to be full of doubt.  It is all right to be human.

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