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Some Thoughts About The Election

Good Morning, Seniors.  In 7 days we will come to the end of September, another month’s passing and we will be at the threshold of November. A few days beyond that, well, you know.

Knowing and doing are partners.  Knowing means awareness.  Doing means taking action. With the moon’s phases having gone through its autumnal routine and winter on its way, by November we will be ready to take the next step: action!

Well, maybe.  Not so fast now.  I have a little more digesting to do.  The debates come in there somewhere.  And surprises are always possible.  If we hold out just a little longer perhaps the outcome will be more to our liking.  No, not likely.  The die is probably cast.  The results foregone.  Some doom-sayers are ready for an “end of the world” scenario.  How sad!  How utterly depressing!  How lacking in mental smarts to be able to separate the bad news from the better.

Yogi Berra, famous philosopher, reminds “it ain’t over till it”s  over.  That’s good enough counsel as we go into this last inning.  Buy another hot dog, slather on the mustard, give it some relish, anticipate that next hit, watch the runners round the bases.  The score is yet to be made.

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