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Inspiration for Seniors

In the middle between the Republican’s last big promotion and the Democrats upcoming sale, senior voters are in the throes of deciding which is the best deal. Following this week, most will have begun reaching their choice of who offers the best bargains.  Good luck to us all and May God bless us everyone.

Now, for the rest of the story.  Life will survive these conventions. Many may be disaffected and disillusioned, but life will go on.  Politics, like bread, will be baked every day, sometimes coming out with a fresh, aroma filled loaf, at others not so hot.

Most of us will go about leading our ordinary lives.  Many will continue to be optimistic.  Some will even get a new jog.  Some may find new hope and others will continue in their desperate search for a different tomorrow.

Aspirations for Hope

Hope is an intangible.  However, it generates a better sense of life, a more promising attitude about the future.  That is what we most desire.  No one person or party can deliver on that  promise. Our own assessment of what will be best for our country, our part in it, and and our continuing toward a tomorrow rich with that hope will be what makes the difference.

Leaning on an intangible may provide some temporary fulfillment.  But getting into the fray  means you have the courage of your convictions.  But, we can at least do so with a sense of dignity and an attitude that others who disagree with us are not low and mean and dirty.  Maintaining one’s own conviction about being an American does not mean demeaning others.  It does not mean belittling those who have a different point of view and are deemed unworthy to be included in the contest.  Whatever you are doing today, between the two conventions, find ways to open your heart and mind to  being together in this crucial effort to bring the promise of hope to us all.





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