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Play Uplifting Melodies in Your Mind

Start humming a favorite tune.  Identify a melody that lifts your spirits.  Find a song to which you know the lyrics and begin softly playing out that melody in your mind. See what happens.  Whatever had your mind locked up suddenly creates an opening for pleasure and escape from other pursuits.   It is an escape of legitimate opportunity.

You don’t even have to pay royalties for that long time favorite.  You can hum it until you are weary of it and then move on to another.  What a magnificent break.  It can be a lofty tune, couched in heavy background music.  It can be a light romantic set of lyrics that opens a floodgate of memories.  It can be a song you knew dozens of years ago or something you have just picked up on of late.  It can be a classic, a pop tune, a hymn, a long lost love song that blended your young heart with another.

Whatever it is, pick up on it.  Give it permission to be played out as you hum or sing along the words that have been so much a part of your person for so many years. Make a musical list in your mind.  Move from one to another.   Let the words speak to you and your mood.  Let the power of the tune take over.   Let the light from that melody bring happiness to your soul.

Spreading Music and Happiness

Maybe someone will hear your tune and pick up on it as well.  That’s okay, spreading music is like happiness, it shows through just as much as a smile does. Lend happiness to others by taking on a blissful attitude accompanied by music. We need more lilt in our lives.   We need the lift that happy and pleasant and uplifting song can bring.   There is too much of the other.   There are too much down and dreadful distractions.   There can be more laughter that comes from music.  There can be more happiness that is born of song.

Find ways to increase joy in your life. Find words set to tunes that produce release from worry and fret and anxiety and toil.   Give your voice over to song.  Let it be a song of goodness, depth, and sheer frivolity.  It will be another one of those cures that offers a gift to life as we live it out in happiness and song.

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