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Seniors Stay Cool in Summer

The lazy and dog days of summer are definitely here. Seniors are among those with the greatest need for preparations to stay cool. Weather forecasters are touting triple digit temperatures and the need to stay hydratedRecords are about to be broken and hot weather demands seniors to take  caution in keeping cool and warding off discomfort. In spite of our measures, the hot weather will have its way.

Smart seniors will take all the necessary precautions, where possible. Afraid of the high cost of utilities some will err too much on the side of keeping it too hot inside your home.  Staying inside, drinking lots of water and keeping the shades drawn are simple but helpful steps to take.  These are good days to use common sense and maintain a reasonable temperature in your home.

Care in Adjusting the Thermostat

Doing so allows for safety and as much comfort as you can produce.  It is not selfish to be prudent in keeping your environs reasonably comfortable.  It is good judgment to determine what things you can do to keep yourself and your home as comfortable as possible.  Some elders take matters too far when adjusting the thermostat.  Anything above 80 will create the possibility of too much stress on you and could lead to danger.  If you are concerned for expenses related to summer time cooling, discuss with your electric company or your family, so that measures can be taken to keep you from becoming overheated

Stay inside in the heat of the day.  If you have a shaded area around your home, enjoy it in the early morning.  Do not try to work your flower garden, if any.  Just enjoy the cool while it lasts.

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