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Father’s Day, No Big Deal?

There is something in our culture that doesn’t make as big a deal about Father’s Day as do we about Mother’s Day. Father’s Day seems to be lacking in sentimentality, emphasis on remembering Dad.  Florists don’t do the land office business of Mother’s Day.  Chocolate, while popular, doesn’t come in massively, ribbon wrapped boxes.   There is something lacking here.

While Father’s Day, for some, connotes a special day among those who remember their father fondly, it just doesn’t get the “knock it out of the park treatment” of Mother’s Day.  For that matter, Father’s Day is probably less celebrated than Memorial Day, July 4  or Labor Day when Dads are front and center presiding over the BBQ.

Macho vs. Care-Giving

It is, I opine, simply a matter of macho over care-giving that we identify Dads as having less need to be recognized for whatever it is they do or did.  But, we may be surprised to find that fathers need some reinforcement, some under-girding, some recognition, some fuzzy affection, just like Moms who cultivate it constantly.  Dads seem less inclined to be there with a shoulder or a hug, a tear as well as a laugh, when appropriate.  Oh, don’t be too hasty here.  There are Dads who express feelings and well.  It just doesn’t seem as deeply bred in our culture as it is with Moms.

Maybe this is that one day in all the years when finding an expression for attributing all that is good and fulfilling about Dads, would be timely.  Maybe a Dad’s day this year could help contribute to a more peaceful and tranquil world. Maybe if Dads just do more hugs, more reinforcement, more deep down, sentimental and sloppy expressions of love, all of us would be better for it.  Sure there are some Dads who would struggle with how best to receive it, if at all, but even those would find that some deep down “best Dad in the world” message might be the most appreciated gift of all.  Knowing that one is respected and appreciated ranks high among the ego reinforcements that most of us need. No matter how we mask it, it is still a need most of us possess.

So, today, this Father’s Day, 2012, give the gift that will likely do more to lift the spirit and feed the heart than any other.  However, you couch it, find a way to communicate to anyone whom you identify as “Dad” an abiding  assurance that they are well respected, loved and honored today and everyday of their lives.

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