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The Mystique of Mother’s Day

Whether an orchid or chocolates, a card or an epistle, a phone call or a Skype contact, today is a day for a flood of intimacies communicated and shared.  Across miles and oceans, the messages come.   Over airwaves and by snail mail, the intentional signal of affection and love is sent.  There is about children and their mothers some strange mystique that happens today, this special once a year day when the connection is acknowledged and made stronger.

Because the bond is so strong and the need to signal that affection so real, persons who do not give much thought to this mystical link, do so today.  Crusty characters whose ability to show love come through with strange sentiment.  Indifferent individuals who are too busy to be bothered stop to say what needs to be and must be said.

The Parent-Child Connection

For some, perhaps, at no other time is the emotional tie so strong.  Perhaps on no other day is it okay to weep with the joy of thanksgiving and celebration.  Other occasions come and go.  Other special days deserve their recognition.  But none carries with it such a deep and abiding sense of connection of child with parent, of offspring with the one to whom life has always been joined.

So today on this extra special, incomparable, unmatched occasion may child and parent, mother and son or daughter be linked together with the strong bond that helps us be the human being we are and the individual we have become. May child give and parent receive the best gift of all, the gift of gratitude for all that has gone before and all that will come after.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere.

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