JUST FOR SUNDAY: 04/01/2012

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Inspiration for Senior Citizens

Jerry is still recovering from his fourth corneal transplant, so I wrestled this spot away from him this week.  This is Sharon, his devoted wife of 37+ years.

As I sat in the waiting room last Tuesday waiting for the surgeon to finish cutting on and repairing Jerry’s left eye, I pondered why it was that I felt I was doing exactly what I should be doing at that moment.  Several thoughts came to me that I want to share…

  • The marriage vows we wrote said we would love each other forever, no matter what whammys our married life might throw our way.  We wrote those vows.  They still mean something today.  The vows were the beginning of a history we created together.  This is what I signed on for.
  • The gifts Jerry has provided me over the years have a total value considerably more than I can ever repay.  And I’m not talking monetary value.  His devotion, attention to my life and worries and successes and day to day living has been beyond commendable.  His support for my strange and unique experiences has been unwavering.  I suspect he would say, that was what he signed on for.
  • When my daughter reappeared in my life 35 years after I surrendered her to adoption, Jerry’s response was, “Wow!  This is great!”  That was what he signed on for.
  • When we went through the grief of losing our beloved parents, we comforted each other.  That was part of the bargain.  He held me when my mother died.  I held him when his father died.  My dad died just last December and Jerry spent 13 hours flying from Texas to Chicago to Des Moines just to be with me.  He wasn’t seeing well and the trip he took without anyone else along was a challenge.  Total devotion.  What he signed on for.
  • Now it’s my turn to take care of him through his recovery from this surgery.  I put drops in his eye four times a day.  I put antibiotic ointment in his eye four times a day.  I cook meals I think he would like.  I wait on him ‘hand and foot’…

…and that’s exactly what I want to be doing at this moment.  It’s what I signed on for.

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  1. Dear sis, SOOOOOO MARVELOUS what you wrote- what a marvelous marriage and confidence!!!!!!! You were really made to each other!!!! May God bless you now and forever! What is the problem with Jerry´s eye? It´s the fourth transplant already!? Probably you may have written about that and I might have not read it. Is it keratoconic? Because my three “children” have that problem, but, thanks God, no one needed a cornea transplant yet. Love you, my dear, Sílvia.

  2. Dear Little Sister, Yes, Jerry’s eye problem is keratoconus. His first surgeries were back in the early 1970s when cornea transplants were not very common. They are almost a ‘piece of cake’ now. That means they are relatively easy to get through. Most who have that genetic problem have to have transplants eventually. Love and hugs back to you!

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