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Tips to Avoid Falling

Accidents represent one of the dangers to which seniors are prone.  Issues of balance, sight, and steadiness may impair an individual to the point that falling becomes a serious concern.  Simple precautions may prevent unnecessary falls which can create more serious issues.

Among the precautions to observe are:

  • Inventory your house for potential dangers that may contribute to falling.
  • Look out for steps.  Install additional hand rails, if possible.
  • Eliminate throw rugs.  Carpeting can trip you up, as well.
  • Bathrooms offer accidents in waiting.  Showers, tubs and toilets need to be reviewed for their convenience and safety.  Add hand grab bars where they will help prevent falls.
  • Half steps are a real threat.  Don’t assume you will always remember that there is a half step without support in your home or yard.
  • Kitchens provide other accidents in waiting.  What are they in your home?  Review how you may be caught in an accident while you are preparing a meal.  Find ways to be sure all burners are off, when leaving the room.  Watch out for hot items, such as water, coffee makers, toasters, other appliances that may contribute to an accident.
  • Porches, patios, outdoor sitting areas offer comfortable sitting areas.  However, chairs and lawn furniture need to be stable enough to support you and your guests.  Be alert to possible problems.
  • Garages are dens for difficulty.  Try to keep area for getting to your vehicle clear.  Avoid stacking things too high which could fall or become unsteady.  Eliminate items that could be dangerous, e..g. gas containers, oil that can spill on the floor, creating a hazard.  Equipment that is obsolete and should be discarded. Recycle items to make room in your garage for you.  Newspapers, magazines and other items should go elsewhere, giving you more usable and accessible space.
  • Vehicle:  this one is a biggie.  Taking precautions to keep you safe, while the car is in your garage, car port, or on the road requires a major, big time review.  Is your garage easily accessed?  Is there lighting from house to garage and vice-versa?  Are steps involved?  Is there ample room for your car?  Can all doors be opened for entering and exiting your vehicle?  Is the drive clear, providing visual acuity when backing?

The list is longer, but you get the point.  Age and infirmities contribute to our need to take simple precautions.  Simple common sense, thoughtfulness, alertness and review of your surroundings are required every time we make a move in our home or take a step anywhere on our property.  Think about your own needs and those of others, who are older, who may come for a visit.  Be attuned to the possibilities that offer the prospect for a trip up, a fall, an unintended accident.  You will be safer and so will your guests.

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