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President Obama’s Inauguration

Yesterday opened an invigorating moment for seniors who are ready for optimism.  The crowds, exceeding estimates, at the Washington Mall signaled a new energy, a refreshing readiness, an enthusiasm for a new day.

A shift, definite and wide spread, has begun taking place in America.  While some may not have picked up on it quite yet, there is a positive mood beginning to sweep the country. It’s really okay to be optimistic.  We’ve had enough of the down side.  It’s time to look up, to see the sun shining, to hear laughter, to feel a sense of pride in America, to be a part of a new dynamic, to be caught up by a new determination.

Indicators have been increasing in showing us how that shift is occurring. The mood of America is moving toward a more progressive, genuinely caring perspective. Those who have been swept aside by indifference, ignored by policy makers are now showing up as reasons for us to care and to respond with genuine compassion.

It’s a New Day

President Obama’s Inauguration brought a new morning and this morning feels different, better, more resolute in its determination to make a fresh start toward  addressing the many issues that involve and affect so many.

We have been recruited to take on an invigorating invitation to be in this excitingly historic moment, when America’s role in the world is to be a caring nation, to offer our finest qualities in meeting the continuing challenges of a world that needs America to be at its best.

Let’s develop and refine our readiness to be openly and enthusiastically optimistic. Let’s prepare ourselves to reflect the sunshine of a new day.  Let’s make contagious the thrill of feeling good about ourselves, our nation, our leadership and its guidance.  Let’s join with others in being “we the people” who are ready to take on whatever lies ahead.


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