Is It Worth The Time?

Apr 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Of the multiplicity of activites to choose from, do you find yourself ever asking, is it worth the time? Time is so constant, meeting us, passing right before our eyes that we take for granted its presence, never realizing its absence, as it flies so swiftly on.

Is it worth the time to find something that truly gives life meaning? Is it worth the time to continue to validate your very existence? Is it worth the time to get outside yourself and into others in order to experience merit? Is it worth the time to discover how to be authentic to yourself? Is it worth the time to recognize the swiftness of a day’s passing? Is it worth the time to use creative energy to make this day count?

Idle thought, indifference, sloth, studying ones navel may all seem like comfortable and relaxing pursuits, but is it worth the time? Is it worth the time to watch your account of life’s lightning fast passage to invest in petty and wasteful expenditure?

Today is full of time, but the sands sink fleetingly and ere long we wonder where it went, how it passed, why this day has already faded into yesterday.

Consider the lilies of the field…the subtle passing of the seasons, the inevitable passing from day to night, the swift disapperance of night, even as we sleep. What was worthy of the day that its phasing from today to tomorrow was filled with noble effort? What was learned from this day that will be applied to the next? Is it worth the time?

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