Inspiration Isn’t Difficult to Find

Apr 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Now, especially, it seems more and more of us are engaged in the search for inspiration. How impressive it is, in otherwise depressing times, to see so many forms of inspiration taking shape. How, profoundly gracious of persons to create it and pass it along. How utterly remarkable that with all the downers available via so many sources, there are those out there, looking under huge boulders to find hidden sprouts shooting up from the earth, at the very edges of what weighs us down, only to find one single, isolated bloom, searching for the sky.

Often this inspiration is set to music, soft, smooth, calming tunes, instrumental, sometimes sung which quietly proclaim serenity and sanity and peace. Photographs often accompany the words, sentiments expressive of the calming of soul and spirit share with us how we can reach out to claim inspiration.

The growlers and grumblers have pounded their tables long enough. The demeaning and discrediting of the hopeful and the positive has gone on quite past its time. You know who they are. If you are like them, maybe it is time you sought inspiration and shelved desperation.

Maybe it is time more of us whistled “a happy tune.” Perhaps we need to have a “Zippity Do Dah” day…”my oh my what a wonderful day!” Likely, those who choose to use incredulous ways to arouse the worst in us, may want to consider that their time could be better invested. Maybe they and we could discover that happiness is a far better dividend to draw from the investment of time.

Warning: this article may prompt you to examine your loyalties and allegiances, your values and commitments. You may decide not to run after the transitory and angrily motivated. You may determine that the likes of those who try to influence your being sour and dour merits investigation and elimination.

Louis Armstrong’s favorite melody needs to become ours: “Oh, What a Beautiful World.”

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