I Love You, Grampa!

Jun 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Those words, without a lot of embellishment, are words to set your heart alight.  An adolescent grandson, ending a conversation with those words becomes the most treasured gift of all.  He had major car trouble over the weekend. It put me to thinking about when I went through a similarly disgusting, embarrassing experience some 50+ years ago.  It seems life’s lessons have a way of rearing their ugly heads over and again.  His spirits, I must admit, sounded much better than mine, as I recall them, from so many years ago. 

We chatted about the mishap.  Sounds as if it was the radiator, which may mean, you know what, a cracked block.  Oh my!  My experience, in those days was as serious, but less expensive.  We live and hopefully we learn.  At the end of our conversation, he said, in a spirit of everything is going to be fine, let’s you and me catch a movie this week.   Much more mature.  Much more incisive.  No big deal.  Hey, grampa, let’s catch a movie.  Freeing, cars aren’t that important, Money is okay, but let’s go to a movie.

Alec and I have had one of those grandfather/grandchild experiences of growing up together and respecting each other, appreciating the other, and recognizing we are human beings whose lives have become mysteriously intertwined.   There is more to the story.  But what is rich in the story is I have a grandson whom I treasure and I feel that he treasures me.  During this Father’s Day week, it is an experience of remarkable proportions to have such a relationship, one in which, when we are together, is reinforced by a hug and that mellow “I love you, Grampa” affirmation.    

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