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Misplacing Things = Aggravation

Yesterday in a busy day, somehow three items disappeared.  I know where I put  them , but they aren’t there.  This is getting ridiculous.  Is it flawed memory, ordinary forgetfulness, dementia, all of the above?  It is happening too often, whatever it is.

The jacket, I wore to the restaurant, because the temperature is always too cold there.  I placed it on the back of a chair upon returning.  Later, it wasn’t there.  Still haven’t found it.  There has to be an explanation.  I looked in all the usual suspicious places.  Not there either.

The second item was a pen left on my desk yesterday. There yesterday, not there today.  Oops, not again.

The third item was 2 bags of my favorite peanut M&M’s.  Bought at the drug store.  Traveled home.  Somewhere in the trip they too were misplaced.  No one ate any.  Have UFO’s invaded my space?  Where is this stuff going?  How in the space of just a couple of hours could they have all disappeared?  If it is memory overload, I am quite willing to do some unloading.  This is frustrating, aggravating, and intimidating.

Memory Loss vs Normal Aging

Memory loss, if that is what it is, I can admit to.  I am not too proud to suspect that it has happened and is happening to me.   But, my memory tells me that in all three cases, I know they were in a certain place.  And now they are not.  So what’s right here, my secondary memory, recalling exactly where I saw the three items before they disappeared or my primary memory, recalling where they were the last time I saw them. Tricks of the mind can be troubling.

I know where I put it, but it isn’t there.  If/when I recover, discover, uncover the whereabouts of these three items, I will share the mystery with you.  I assure  you it is as mystifying to me as an Agatha Christie novel.  Have I lost it?  That is, my mind.  Or were they simply misplaced?  Tune in next week for the next episode of  “I Know Where I put it, But it Isn’t there.”

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