I Always Wanted to Go There: A Senior’s Disappointment

Jul 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior citizens love to travel!  But there is more to consider about traveling now as opposed to 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.  There is hardly a place one can name today that isn’t fraught with huge questions about visiting or vacationing, especially for seniors whose mental and physical agility may be impaired.  Most of the questionable places are places I had always wanted to go.  Now, it seems prudent to investigate with meticulous care what issues may be blocking the likelihood of a long hoped for adventure.

Try Greece.  Don’t think so.  Have you read the latest reports?  Think about Japan.  Sure, there are places you can still go, but is this the best time?  How about Arizona?  The fires are nearing control, but what will the aftermath present? New Mexico, is there danger in the air?  Train travel, how about the accident just the other day?  Did that create anxiety about trying the train?  Where would you like to fly?  Are you ready to negotiate the perils of flying and security and so on in order to get to your destination?  What part of the world seems to welcome US citizens these days?  How about Egypt?  There go the pyramids, the fertile crescent, the whole of the middle East.  How about an African safari?  Do you really want to risk that?

Hurricane season looms.  Right now it is quite warm in the Bahamas.  The beaches are beautiful, but the humidity is quite high. Hawaii isn’t exempt, although a paradise, from its own natural upheavals.  Australia and New Zealand, long thought to be highly desirable, are showing signs of danger.  Nova Scotia sounds quite inviting, but get there before the cold weather sets in. Did you notice Northern Ireland is at it again?  Italy, Monaco, Crete, your own private Island?

An article by SCJ Travel Editor warns of US cities with high crime rates.  Must watch out for those.  Ranking high in costs for visiting are enchanting places like San Francisco.  And, what about those possible earth quakes.  Mexico, that’s it.  But what about the drug trafficking in border towns and violence so rampant as to make American cities seem docile.

Panama Canal.  They are getting ready to widen it.  How will that influence the pleasure of a trip?

To be sure there are still places to go, Iceland, for example.  There are still welcoming countries, where the comfort level is likely to be fairly safe and serene.  What this means, however, is checking it out.  It is much like buying a house.  Would you want to live there?

Not to be a curmudgeon about travel, anywhere these days,  one must be sure to check out your destination and all the implications before making any reservations.  Otherwise your intuition may just be right and your reservations about going should be heeded.

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