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Patience, Patience, and More Patience

Within a few more days the two week project, which has taken a few days longer, will be finished.  The result of a leaking 50 gallon hot water heater meant replacing the laminate flooring.  There had been enough water damage to justify doing a large part of the house.  The adjustor was a kind man and we appreciated his professional thoroughness.  The company with whom we are doing business for replacement has also been competent.

Because of the age of the house and the nature of the flooding, it appeared that now was the time to do a thorough and complete job.  The thing that would take was more time, a lots more patience and the willingness to see it through.  Within a few days the floor should be finished and the furniture back in place.  Patience will have been restored.   That’s really the best part.  With all the decorative items dusted and returned to their homes, it seems that the frustrations disappear as quickly as each room is restored to its comfortable welcome.

The End is in Sight

There were days when it seemed the project itself took on its own life, taking longer, requiring more of us than certainly I was prepared to give. Humor helped.  Keeping a watchful eye suggested my need for them to hurry it along, without sacrificing the quality of the work.  Ere this week is out and with the welcome presence of a 10 day visit of one of our granddaughters, all will be well.  Patience will be rewarded.  The house has taken on a new and fresh look.  My disposition is markedly improved.

It was, after all, all worth it.   I am just not anxious for a repeat performance anytime soon.  My patience has had quite enough practice for a while.

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