Here We Go Again, Seniors! Achieving Control in an Out of Control World

Jun 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Just as the rumblings seemed to have slowed a bit, another disaster strikes.  This time it comes from the bottom of the ocean, simultaneous with the sliding of the stock market, the continuing, and now seeming endless, war in Afghanistan, the upheavals of every variety and kind, including high unemployment.  Having an optimistic attitude suffers from the need to know what is going on in the world.  News sources pump out the fissures and fractures which seem to grow by leaps and bounds.  Either ignoring all this, adopting an attitude that just blames someone or something else may work for some.  It doesn’t seem to solve anything, nor does it reduce the crescendo of rising frustration.

Here are some ways to begin stablilizing your own sense of equanamity in the face of the multiplied crises affecting us all:

*Start your day allowing more peaceful and positive feedback into your system.  Stay away from news sources that report “how bad” and disastrous yesterday was and today may be.

*If you have pets and a serene place to walk them, do so.  Allow the calming energy of your pets to infect you.

*Sit somewhere quietly taking in the peace of the morning.  Invent your own way to block out everything else.

*Spend no time in thought, discussion, review of any material that assesses the world condition.  Right now you are attempting to be a better person, and that is the only way you can contribute, right now, to a better world.

*While this undertaking may sound self centered, it is a suggestion for calming your soul, allowing peace to prevail in your spirit, permitting your mind to exclude the invasions of meaner agendas. 

*Now, that you have engaged in this exercise, take it with you wherever you go and in whatever  you do for the balance of the day.  Repeat this practice daily.  Perfect your own methodology so that nothing detracts from it or ruins your otherwise quiet frame of mind.  Report back to yourself, during your subsequent meditations, so that you may daily improve the experience of calming your psyche.  Allow your body to be a beneficiary of your discipline.  Now, remind the world that you are in charge and no invasions or disruptions will be permitted entry.

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