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Senior Health is Not a Toy

For those of us past 65, current retirees, the tossing around of health insurance, as a political football, gives us pause. One speech vilifies so called “Obamacare,” while another  extols its virtues.

One 24 hour media blitz tells us that health care will not be touched under the Republican candidate, while the next tells us it will be targeted for dissolution on day one of the new administration.

Which is it?  Who and what are we trust?  Those whose health issues are significant enough to cause pause and worry wonder.  It is no small matter to see the political football being tossed to and fro, and even fumbled, while we wonder about the nature of health care and its costs.

There is, for seniors, no greater issue facing the ordinary elderly person than the outcome of this issue. It has become such a volatile matter that this campaign likely hinges on whether seniors will be able to have confidence on how this issue will be resolved.

“Current retirees”, we are told, don’t have to worry.  That’s the spin.  In the very next sentence the “voucher” system is praised as the best solution economically and for the health of seniors.  We have heard the old adage too  much over the years:  “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

The battle over convincing the middle class that politicians are our best friends and are here to rescue us from impending economic doom is another of those suspicious motives at work in the political landscape.

No matter how much “experience” and “hutzpah” candidates say they have, the matter for seniors comes down to essential matters of believability.  An old movie called the “Flim Flam Man” seems to suggest the state of affairs we are now undergoing.

An Immobile Congress

When Congress finds it impossible to act on matters of such import as unemployment, withdrawal of troops, aid to farmers, disaster recovery and other sundry emergencies, it is unlikely they give much of a damn about any group of people undergoing any potential disaster. Is it any wonder that health care doesn’t rise to the top of issues needing to be  given consideration.  It will be high on the list for chopping block status, according to what we hear.  Meantime, illness and pain and emergency care and Medicaid needs will continue to thrive and grow, like bacteria in a petri dish.

A nation that does not pay attention to its citizenry, particularly in hard times, is a nation on a track for disruption in its social fabric. It is already rent with poorly attempted stitches.  The tailors in the public arena who are charged with its repair don’t show evidence of having a clue how to do so.

This political football will continue to be tossed from team to team during these next few weeks unless the fans in the bleachers choose to shout them down and let them know that the teams are playing with the wrong ball.


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