Health Care: a Universal Need, an Unselfish Act

Mar 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Since Theodoare Roosevelt, efforts have been made to put universal health care in place.  Harry Truman attempted it.  The Nixon and Clinton administrations tried and failed.  America is better than that. Apart from food, and shelter, there is nothing so basic as health care. The  arguments against have been largely motivated by  political and lobbying persuasions which do not take into account the millions who have and would  be overlooked if it were not passed.  

It is past time for America to demonstrate that it is a caring country, dedicated to the welfare of its people who keep the country running.  Unemployment and lack of health care are two key elements which will do much to bring our country to its knees.  It is not too much to ask to find the ways and means to protect America from falling into the abyss of indifference and disregard of its people. Sloganeering and invective do not cement a country’s desire and ability to demonstrate unity.

Oh that we were past the viciousness and name calling so characterized by some in these past days.  And, how sad, that there are those who are intent to keep the pot boiling.  Were a poll to be done among those carrying their signs and posters, how many do you suppose label  themselves as dedicated faithfuls.  Such spiteful and hateful behaviors do not lend themselves to the faith so many profess one day a week and leave the rest of the time to inciting disrespect, rancor and downright hate. 

Now, there is a move afoot to repeal the act that has been hailed as one of only a few that has issued forth from the halls of congress to benefit the American people.  Not content to hail this moment as one they helped to create, the opposing party continues to do all it can to discredit and defame it.  What’s new?  Where there is no compassion, the people will suffer.  Where there is no empathy, the people  will increase in their despair.  Where there is no statesmanship, the government will continue to favor those who are already favored.  Allow us a few brief moments, as history rises up to be made, to appreciate our own caring humanity and sense of our ability to care.  

In my lifetime, I have seen Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama using the influence of their magnificent office to show that Americans can and do deserve to be treated with honor, respect, equality and compassion.

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