Good Times With Great Kids

Apr 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Making sure good times don’t stop just because you are retired or older or inconviently located requires planning, motivation, willingness to get out of your routine and genuine desire to be with others.

The worst habit is the habit of “rut routines.” That’s the one in which everyday is a carbon copy of the last. That’s the one in which nothing varies, the same ideas and experiences are replayed day in, day out.

One of the ways to break such a grossly unproductive habit is to plan a trip to be with your children or grandchildren or other persons who give you permission to get outside the box for a time.

Our children are great kids and they most always offer good times. Good times is defined by “just being together,” enjoying the rich company of one another, discovering what is going on in one another’s lives, mining the memories which have helped make our lives rich and meaningful.

Great kids, no matter their ages, are the core of what we seek in finding renewed meaning in our own life journey. Great kids are persons who give us gifts, sometimes through a wonderful bear hug, a gentle touch, a quiet smile, a generous conversation, a pat on the back. Great kids are those who remind us that our lives have counted for something.

In a couple of days, we get to see two of our Great Kids. They are fully adult, they are productive, they are, like all of us, still defining their lives, they are just “great.” It has truly been too long. That is a flaw in our schedule and priorities that must be altered. We miss them so when we have not had time with them. Life is too busy when it is not frequently enough invested in those who are most important to us.

Discovering the priority of love and kinship and nurturing it is one of those experiences that excel all the tasks and busyness to which we are prone.

We will forget what we did in our busyness…we will hold dear and treasure greatly our time spent and the good times enjoyed with our great kids.

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