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Positive Future for Seniors

The prospects for life’s being positive and fruitful for seniors is increasingly likely. We are a part of that generation who is experiencing a longer life span, better health during it, enlarged wisdom to make choices that evoke fruitful living.

While many seniors spend an inordinate time fretting about health issues, and too often make visits to physicians, there are options available to reduce the number of appointments to health professionals and providers.  It comes with our own choices and decisions. It has to do with diet.  It is prompted by sufficient exercise.  It is largely influence by attitudes that characterize day to day dispositions.

There is good counsel available for diverting what can be miserable states of mind and attitude to behaviors, thought, motivations and healthy thinking.   My son floods me with such information frequently.  He thinks I don’t absorb, but he would be surprised to find how much positive influence he has on me.

Resources Available for Seniors

External sources for provoking seniors to evaluate our habits and routines are useful to our finding means and influences to improve our health and perception of our selves as we go about daily living.

My 93 year old Mother, while not always aware of the choices she makes to contribute to her own stable and reasonably good health , meets every day with a pleasant disposition, a willingness to try whatever is presented to her in ways of going places, trying new foods, being open to change.

Those are good signs in anyone who has lived so many years, but particularly in those who do so while facing each new day with an attitude of possibility.  Of course, fruitful living won’t offer all the benefits of being able to do everything you want or wish you could do, but it is the alternative that continues to feed the likelihood that more days will be spent with enjoyment than discouragement.

Aging is a challenge that meets us no matter what. And, no matter what our personal issues will come with the process of aging.  Our ability to meet those issues readily and in a healthy way will be called upon no matter what.  It’s all about choices

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