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Jul 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors still find ways to do what Americans have long done.  Load up the car for a weekend holiday.   Packing the sun screen, swim suits, beach paraphernalia, snacks and pop, adult children and grandkids, and heading for the beach.  It was a  time of complete freedom and totally released expectations.  It was a time when laughter rang in the station wagon and the familiar cry of “are we there yet” sounded like a broken record.  It was a time of unfettered fun and fully released energy to enjoy what had always seemed like a necessary rite of summer, swimming and snorkeling and lazing at the beach. 

Now, while some are still free and able to do that, others across the vast 84000 square miles of prohibited waters in the Gulf may not.  Others must show care as they choose where they might go and then go there only ever so cautiously.  Theme parks will likely provide a more artificial entertainment than the self made wonders of just going to the beach.  Things aren’t the way they used to be.  We may pretend we are having a good time, but deep in our beings is the terrible awareness that something is gone, not right, and very, very scary.  Even that station wagon that would carry us from home to destination doesn’t give off the aura of romance it once did.  It is part of the problem, a contributor of the reason we harbor fear and sadness. 

Or, of course, we may have decided not to take that route at all.  Maybe we will just stay at home this year.  Maybe we will look for other provocations to offer us excitement and stimulation.  The times suggest that our lackadaisical spirits are more burdened with having to consider what has happened.  Like whistling in the dark, we have become tenuous about our next steps.  It is difficult to turn our heads and look the other way.  Greed on the part of those who produce oil products, and our own voracious appetite for energy sources which come from fossil fuels, have addicted us all.   We can’t decry others, while waiting for the tank to be filled. 

So, this summer as we anticipate our last holiday before the season ends, let us imagine that this may be the last holiday for a long time that some will be able to appreciate the times they once had.  Let us wonder at what the shrimpers and the idle oyster boats and sundry residents up and down the Gulf, whose lives and livelihoods have been anchored in those waters for these many years, will have to do, will need to do, will be forced to do. Our fun times may have been limited by the great oil spill of 2010, but our lives have not yet been shattered like the lives of those who live in the Gulf; many thousands of residents there find their very day to day existence has been undermined. While we may find other ways to frolic, let us, as we do with veterans of unwanted wars, remember and care about those who have been caught in the terrible cross fire of greed and demand.

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