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Inspiration and Relief

September this year may bring welcome change. Within only weeks, the relief of an end to the political discourse will be more welcome than an autumn rain. Let’s not deny how much rain would be greeted with joy.  It just indicates how low we have sunk when almost any change in the atmosphere would be more desirable than what we have been through over the past several months of primaries and other sundry political infighting.

Perhaps we can look toward September, and even more so, October, with the same excitement as children do as Christmas approaches.

September changes may be more relief than we could have thought would happen.  It may bring forth a wetter fall, a better economy, less expensive petrol,  less invective among politicians, more civility as the end of the campaign draws closer.  Could we hope for as much?

Change Brings Relief

It’s time for the relief that comes with change.  Its time for us to begin to feel some pride in our abilities, in our aspirations, in the coming year when more of the America we have come to remember becomes real again.

It would be a gift beyond price for the American mood  to be more cooperative, for persons to be more helpful with one another, for a spirit of energy to be dedicated to making our country more productive, less hostile, more intent upon all of us having a chance at a better life.

Perhaps such a mood will prevail as there fades into the past a renewed civility.  Could this really happen?  Could more of us take on a sense of camaraderie, a commitment to neighborliness, a dedication to being there for our neighbor?

Change doesn’t always come as and when it is most needed, expected or sanctimoniously prayed for. It comes because people exact change in their own lives and behaviors.  It comes because we begin seeing how we can contribute to peaceful problem solving.   It comes when we are willing to use the necessary skills and required smarts to help make it happen.

September, 2012, will be better because we choose to be on the side of those who wish to make it better.  And so with October and beyond.

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