FIVE TOP CONCERNS FOR SENIORS and what you can do about them

Aug 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors’ Top Concerns

In the David Letterman tradition, this list attempts to reflect what bothers seniors most:

  • Running out of financial resources earlier than anticipated.
  • Being faced with major health issues that affect quality of life.
  • Children moving back home because of lack of employment.
  • Losing a spouse/partner unexpectedly.
  • Being involved in a major disaster.

Managing the Concerns

Start now addressing those issues in practical and realistic ways, e.g.

  • Protect your resources by continuing to invest and keeping your portfolio strong.
  • As we have prescribed before, have regular check ups, healthy diet and exercise regimen.
  • Adult children moving back home is tough, involving both economics and emotions. Offer support that does not affect negatively the welfare of the entire family.
  • Death of a partner is usually beyond our control. However, many support services are available to assist one in dealing with such an emotional assault.
  • Disasters cannot be controlled. However there are means for preparing oneself, depending on circumstances. Do all in your power to enable a plan to protect yourself.

Be proactive in all of these. Allow yourself to overcome unnecessary anxiety which does not contribute to dealing with all of the life issues that may and will come our way.

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