Fear of Forgetfulness

May 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging brings with it new fears, threats and worrisome concerns, often over matters that pose no serious consequences at all.

Particularly is this so when it comes to occasions of forgetfulness. Misplacing important items, such as keys or eyeglasses, poses the fear that dementia or Alzheimer’s may be lurking nearby. Not so, some forgetfulness is quite ordinary and predictable. Caving into fear over an occasional misplaced item, not remembering why you left one room to go to another, going outside or into the garage for something you can’t recall are quite normal behaviors of aging.

What becomes abnormal is when we put an item in a very unusual place: keys in the refrigerator, a book in the microwave, your shoes in the shower, shaving soap in the sock drawer, these are reason for pause.

But putting your book in the chair you just left or leaving your keys in your pants pocket is quite another thing. Heading off the fear of forgetfulness and accepting it as lapses that come to us all is a healthy means for not being overcome or overtaken by normal behavior. If, however there are other signs which raise your anxiety level or that of those near you, then perhaps it is time to consider a more comprehensive evaluation by a professional.

There are some things just as well forgotten, like what you had for lunch several days ago. Maybe you don’t even recall the name of the restaurant you frequented last. These are details that have no bearing on life or death. But if you are in your vehicle and are several miles from home and have no idea how to get back home, then the seriousness of forgetfulness and the need for some fear, while choosing to act on it, is necessary and important.

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