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Seniors Enjoy Outings

Senior citizens enjoy a change of pace, doing something different from the ordinary day-to-day routine. It helps keep them invested and interested in life.  Today is such a day.

My brother in law and I are spending the day at the Barrett-Jackson Auction today.  It is an escape route to another era. There are more than 1400 cars on the huge lot and in the big tent.  It is a day for reminiscing and wishing.  Some big bucks guys are able to do both.  One gentleman, last night, bid $60k for his dream car.  He must have been about my age and from appearances, which reveal absolutely nothing, had enough cash stashed somewhere to be able to afford it.

It is a return to the past where cars are now treasures and the hobby of collecting has reached unimaginable heights.  It is fun to watch as boys drool over their toys.

It is a performance with excellent auctioneers and shiny restored and often original beauties are paraded before the huge, salivating audience.  It is a time to escape and imagine another period in our lives. Even though I won’t be buying one of the tempting chariots of yesteryear, it is fun to dream and to salivate, so long as you don’t do it on one of the cars.

It is a good day for seniors with nothing else to do.  And there are many of us. Creative use of time is a daily undertaking. This is one that propels us to another time, another wonderland, another fantasy.  It is something we have earned, even though it is in the low end of the high end experience.

When I dream of driving off in one of those shiny dream-cars, I can at least imagine and wish.  So long as that is an available past time, we can be busy and occupied.

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