Exercise Your Right: VOTE!!

Oct 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Have you ever been on a limb that felt as if it wouldn’t hold you? Have you ever been in the water, when you weren’t sure you wouldn’t go under and not come up? Have your ever been on a trail and didn’t know whether you could find your way back?

Well, that might just be what it is like going into the voting booth this time around. Omigod! We are really up against it. Some of us feel very good about the choice we have made and have, in fact, already voted. Others continue to struggle. I am a fairly quick study. With sufficient information, I am able to make decision without huge delay. Some, however, and I respect that, take longer to sort through the issues and dynamics.

Some of us waited eight years for a difference. It never came. Some of us hoped for conscience and good judgment to prevail. We have been though
a series of cabinet officers in defense, state, attorney general, the list seems endless. None has given us new and reasonable hope that our democracy can be revived or that our moral standing in the world can once again be respected. With every month, the catastrophe of our national condition has deteriorated further.

The opportunity is before us now. If you are waiting for lightning to strike, I suggest you wait no longer. So, come on, decide, move, do it and vote!

Even waiting to the last day is not going to produce a bargain decision in which you get two for one or 50% off. It is time to act out your citizenship. Waiting for the best deal will not give you any benefit, since the results of the election will not be played out on November 4, but over the next four years. So, suck it up, go for it and vote! No October surprise, no last minute machinations will likely make any difference at all.

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