Elevating Your Mood, A Prescription for Seniors’ Down Times

Jul 26th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

First, if you don’t own an MP3 digital player, go out and find one.  Follow the instructions for preparing it with music of your choice.  After that, slip it in your pocket, place the ear phones on your ears, push the button and allow yourself to be transported to beautiful audio havens.  It will help you ignore and avoid any of the multiple interruptions and distortions available out there.  If someone attempts talking to you, just smile and nod, as if you understood, and proceed with your escape from any of the attempts to involve you in someone else’s agenda. 

All you have to do is smile. They will never know you didn’t hear them, for that matter didn’t want to, and will move on to their next victim.  And, if you break out in a rhythmic dance step, they will just think it must have been something they said.  Now, isn’t this fun?  The good news is that this method is available for use at anytime of the day, in any environment, (well, almost), and you control everything to do with what you choose to hear, exclude, allow or not.  If some environments are not suitable for employing this method to block conversations, simply indicate it is a hearing device, which it is, and continue wearing it.   Others need not know its real function.  Your participation in a meeting or other boring likelihood may be somewhat limited, but your input would likely be less helpful than your enjoying your own isolation from what is going on around the table.

So, when faced with expectations for your presence, actual, intellectual, or other, then just whip out your MP3, allow for your necessary and contrived excuses and then push the escape button, thus allowing your entry into a much more blissful experience than you would otherwise likely have.

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