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The Shame of Elder Abuse

It is hard to imagine that special attention has to be called to an issue such as “Elder Abuse.”  It is difficult to realize that some people are guilty of taking out anger and hostility toward an older person.  Or, for that matter, a younger one, a pet, a spouse, a child bullied on the playground, ad nauseum.  And, it is unfathomable to realize that such appeals must be raised in order to set boundaries around such behavior.  But, so it is.

This is one of those months when shining the spotlight on  horrific acts of malice of one toward another is emphasized.  It is one of those occasions when, it seems, persons who claim to be civilized need to be jerked up into the reality of what abusive words and acts and behaviors and insensitivities toward others can do.

How can one be reduced to such shameful inflicting of pain?  Abuse, whether physical, mental, emotional or, even, sometime silent, is no way for one human being to engage another. Such actions reduce the perpetrator to a “less than human” status.  Such interactions illustrate immaturity and meanness of the lowest order.  There can be no rationalization for it, no excuse to defend it, no protest to support it.

Get Help if You are Abusing the Elderly

Fits of rage, temperaments filled with outcries, raised voices, flailing fists do not cure the internal anger that is demonstrated in such piteously pathetic ways.  The older person likely may not even be in a position to defend him/herself.  Physical assault may result in injury, not only of feelings, but of body.  Demonstrations of this ilk evidence that danger lies in the path of those who may cross it.  Help is needed, not only the one attacked, but the attacker.  Rage, anger and hostility need to be quelled and quickly.  The one who is guilty of the attack needs professional and attentive care immediately.

Stop.  Check your feelings.  Be aware that you are out of control.  Ask for intervention.  Realize the damage you are inflicting.  Reach out for a hand and an understanding heart and head that will put you in touch with ways to hold back such behavior. Prevent it before it occurs.

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