Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

May 7th, 2020 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Personal Help With Fitness

This question arose recently in a discussion with some close senior friends. We were on a ZOOM call, still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, with no end in sight. We were talking about our health issues, including how to get enough exercise when we couldnt go to our favorite gym. My sister and I had a personal trainer, until COVID19. We couldn’t continue because the gym closed.

We all know, or have been learning about, the close relationship between physical health and mental health. We know good physical health, including exercising is essential to maintain good mental health. It’s also just good common sense.

And we don’t have to be planning to enter a competitive event to make use of a personal trainer. So why work with a PT if you are a senior citizen, not an Olympic athlete? We discovered there are several reasons.

Holding You Accountable

The major benefit for working with a personal trainer is that he/she holds you accountable for doing the workout daily. With no one to ask if we completed the workout, and how it went, we just might not do it, or we might do only part of it. We seniors can find a lot of reasons not to exercise. But with the PT standing right there and making sure you do it, you just do it and reap the benefits.

It’s Educational

Let’s face it… most of us are not attuned to the world of exercise, and we do not know what will help our bodies and what might cause injury. The PT knows and is able to guide us through a workout, assign exercises at home and then evaluate how it is working, or not. He/she can tailor the workout to your specific goals and then determine if you are on the right track or not.

Good Exercise Habits

When a senior works with a personal trainer, she/he begins to change habits around taking care of one’s health, both physical and mental. Since starting with our PT, my sister and I discovered we are much more conscious of our posture, our diet, keeping our joints moving, using weights to maintain muscle mass, challenging our leg muscles to stay on our feet… and much more. The habits we are forming now will remain with us as long as our health permits.

There are more benefits and you can find them all on the Internet with a search entitled “benefits of personal trainers”. The Australian Institute of Fitness offers 15 reasons personal trainers might be helpful to you. Take a look, and then get started!


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