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Decisions in Aging

Some days seem to invite sufficient energy and motivation to take more on.  More?  Yes, more.  And, it is that more that one needs to refine and define if it is to have the desired effect.

The temptation of aging is to settle into a deep groove and stay there.  The habits of a lifetime seem to take over and rule one’s routine.  Routine, by definition, can be its own discouraging and limiting condition.

Waking up to new opportunities and experiences requires a willingness to grab yourself figuratively by your shoulders and shake vigorously.  Coming to that moment when realization dawns and one discovers the limits of time to do what you always wanted to do, is the very time that we need to take action, to seize the day and act on the impulse.

It is that that has compelled me to accept the invitation, of my own bidding, to take piano lessons.  That is something I have desired to do most of my life.  Now, with the ability to take the time, push the possibility, I am about to launch into that activity when I take on more.

Having identified an instructor I respect, selected a weekly schedule for lessons and practice sessions, I will undergo “boot” training beginning tomorrow morning.  Both of us will need loads of patience, tolerance and gentleness.

Seniors Do Something New and Different

Taking on something I have never done before comes with its challenges and disciplines. The experience itself, in spite of my anxiety about going into it, will be worth the adventure.  Allowing myself, at this age, to be open to new  undertakings, to push myself beyond where I have resisted going will take considerable courage.  I have petted myself too long and too often.  It is time I took another of the roads not taken.

Bear with me as I may need to come here for support and encouragement from others who have decided to take more on at this rather late date. I know it can be done.  I know I can do it.  I just pray that my reluctant side will not be in the way.  At this point, each of us can feel better about ourselves by nudging ourselves to grow and reach beyond our presumed limits.  Won’t you join me?

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