Check on Your Vocabulary Habits

May 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How many words have you removed from your vocabulary in the past four decades? How many insulting, racist, bigoted, ignorant, inappropriate words have you chosen to delete from your conversation, thought, and interaction with others?

How many words can you consciously bring forward right now that you would be ashamed to use in the presence of your family, your children, polite company, friends, even casual acquaintances?

If you can come up with very many, what does that say about you? If you come up with any at all, that would be shared with such an audience, what does that say about them?

I have been in the company of some who seem to have no hesitation at all to come forth with racial slurs, ethnic put downs, insulting and hurtful comments, obscene characterizations, ugly references. There seems to be no sensitivity to the feelings of others, no regard.

Why does such behavior seem to inflate the importance of the one responsible for it? Can he or she not see that it is demeaning even to him/herself?

Why do hearers give permission to such language invading the circle, drowning the otherwise pleasant decorum of a group?

Why is it that some people think they are superior by belittling others? Where does their self image gain its birth and reinforcement? Wouldn’t it be just as well that their thoughts be aborted?

Review your inventory of removed words. Congratulate yourself that you no longer draw upon them. Find healthy ways to call attention to others how pleasant it is to refuse to engage in deriding and disrespectful commentary.

This is just one more way to share in making the world greener by removing the pollution of profane and hurtful language.

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