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The Nature of Change

No matter who you are, where you are in the stages or passages of life, you will be confronted with change.  Seniors are notorious, in some quarters, for being resistant and hostile to change.  Like it or not, however it comes.   Sometimes it comes with a fury.  Sometimes subtle, slow change invades our lives and routines.  Change is, to no one’s surprise, inevitable.

It also impacts others in younger generations.  It insinuates itself into what was thought to be an otherwise stable existence.  It comes suddenly, dramatically, definitively.  When it does it alters our universe, our otherwise comfortable existence.  Just when we thought everything had reached its apex of emotional and psychological comfort, change comes along and upsets us.   Nothing stays serene and secure forever, and often, not for long.

Preparing for change, readying oneself for disruption, being ready for the shock and shake up caused by change are all necessary realities as we age.

Common Changes Senior Citizens Face

Among the changes that come our way are:

Relocation:  for whatever reason, the circumstances of living suggest the need or desire for moving to another home, place, state, environment.  Whatever contributes to the need, the outcome is filled with major upheaval, excitement, choices, and full of change that at this age, makes for considerable adjustment.  Further, you discover it is not just your life that goes through major disruption, but others in your circle are also affected.  Their need for your being in a non-change environment is somehow important to their own sense of security and stability.  Children, even though grown, often become possessive about their parents’ behavior and choices, even after they have left “home.”

Separation or Divorce: Probably no other experience creates more emotional and dynamic change than these.  Persons who have lived together for a number of years who declare the need for separating bring about an almost earthquake experience, particularly on the part of those who learn  of the declared decision.   All kinds of predictable reactions illustrate how others sometimes vicariously identify with us and our choices.   It takes time for others to adjust to the disruptive change that is taking place.

Sudden Illness, Death or a severe Accident:  Any experience that includes any of these obviously prompts major and  often irreversible change.  These are matters of significant changes that are often beyond anyone’s control.  They require emotional and heart rending adjustments.  They imply change of major proportion which often involves considerable time for adjusting and overcoming.  The rules for dealing with this magnitude of change are many and necessitate support and enabling one to come to terms with all that is implied and involved.

Any of these changes carry with it our own need for wrestling with our ability to cope, deal with, and accommodate the changes that are involved.  There are other changes which affect us, impact our mental, emotional and psychological balance.  These changes often require intervention by a therapist and a lot of intentional work on the person(s) most affected.  Ignoring the shattering influence of change that is influenced by emotion can further exacerbate and aggravate the situation. Healthy adjustment requires facing the issues and dealing with them with maturity, insight and willingness to seek support to assist in returning to a more nearly normal stage of life.

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