Champion for Change

May 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Okay, just give us time!  I’m having my own adjustment issues with this new (still under construction) format.  It challenges my desire to be a stick in the mud and leave things as they were.  I discover this is not uncommon to those of us past 3 score and 10.  It will roll “trippingly off the tongue” in a week or so and you and I will have fogotten all about our resistance to change.  

As if an omen, the other day I was composing a “masterpiece”, when all of a sudden I lost the whole thing.  It was inspired and really good (allow me that) and I was really excited about it.  But, then “poof” and it was gone, all of it, irretrievable, disappeared.  So, chastised for my impatience and reluctance, I am now prepared to forge ahead, happily agreeing to whatever tinkerings I must do to be satisfied and comfortable with this new design. 

I guess it is a challenge for those of us who are older to open ourselves up to the nuances that are new in our daily lives.  So, I hereby declare my readinesss to do my best.  In the meantime, please encourage me by continuing to stop by and make your daily visits to our site.  We love all our visitors and know some of you by your location.  Surprise us with your willingness to be a Champion for Change.

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