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Christmas Day, 2012.

Cultural chaos in the name of Jeshua’s birth. Deep soulful tears arise as I annually participate in the chaos, too.

What are we teaching our children and those in less fortunate places on this planet earth?

That physical possessions are the greatest gifts and give to us validation in our lives.

Deepest sighs for where we are.

We MUST change.

If Jeshua were incarnate today, would He get all caught up in buying ourselves happiness by incurring ridiculous expenses? I think not.

How much time have we spent giving to those in greatest need, including our very own selves?

Do you have an ‘opportunity’ which could be addressed to make you become a better father/mother, child, friend or human being?

Have you waxed over such to be ‘successful’ by meeting your culturally important seasonal responsibilities instead?

Digging deeply inside to make yourself a better person is the greatest gift you can gift to anyone important in your life!

By improving yourself, you impact others by becoming a better example for them to follow!

How about those less fortunate? Remember the song from the ‘80’s’ called ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ by Band-Aid?

It was written and performed by a group of British artists who volunteered their time and talents for those less fortunate, bringing to international consciousness the plight of children who don’t have enough to eat.

When was the last time you didn’t have enough to eat that would satisfy your body’s hunger? Think of the children on this planet – no, in this city and county, who don’t have enough to eat. Go without a couple of meals and feel the painful hunger pangs which do not just go away. They bore into the core of who you are at all levels.

Remember ‘We Are the World – Africa’ performed by a group of American and British artists who volunteered their time to teach us the responsibility each one of has to love our fellow men, women and children on planet earth, regardless of where they are. They taught us to reach out to them with love, love, love and to give what you can.

There is DIRE need locally in your community. See life through the eyes of a child in need. Who is there for him or her?

Truly, the young children are those who are coming in to change the world to become that which we only think possible. A kind word, a gentle touch or an encouraging comment could change the life of a child!

How about the children who are abused by their family members? Does a present wrapped in its shiny paper with a bow remove the life lasting, gut wrenching pain they feel from being physically, emotionally, ritually, mentally or sexually abused?

No, those children will come to recognize and know that such presents are mere masks which pretend to absolve their perpetrators of the incredibly horrific experiences endured which will haunt each abused child for the rest of their lives, even when they do the child within work to overcome abuses which we are afraid to talk about as adults.

We MUST find the courage to speak openly about the horrific results child abuse brings to adults. Survivors, stand up! Our children and their children are looking to us to lead the way!

When was the last time you got down on the ‘eye to eye’ level with a child to see and understand what they really have to say at their soul level?

May each of us take a deep breath and hit the “PAUSE” button in our lives today to find what the Christ in Christmas really means.

To me, that gift is not to be found wrapped in a box wrapped in shiny paper. The free gift is waiting for me to find it inside me. It’s in my very own heart.

Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are daily events to me; not just an annual occurrence to be satisfied with ‘things’ and a singular annual daily remembrance.

May you find the incredible love God has for you in your heart and soul heart energy centers. Then please allow that amazing gift to influence every decision you make each day!

namaste’. I honor you and the Divine within you and every one.


Guest Post by Jackson Hanks, friend and attorney in Palestine, Texas

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