Caution for Seniors: Keeping Up With Your Medications

Jun 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Right now there are almost a dozen medications in my cabinet, requiring the discipline of my tracking, taking and keeping under control.  That is, by my estimation, too damn many.  I know the physicians mean well in their prescribing the various pills and other aids, but do they consider the challenge of my keeping up with them all, understanding their interactions, being aware if I forget to take one now and then?

Because new maladies occur, requiring new meds, one wonders how to balance all of them so they do what they are supposed to do.  Right now, I am undergoing meds that address issues related to my intestine, which have been added on top of thyroid, incontinence, hot flashes, arthritis, and ad nauseum, or at least almost.

So what is the strategy, the plan, the methodology for managing all this chemical stuff that must be taken to create some kind of  medicinal sense to both my body and to my curative needs that are all going on at the same time? If there is any answer, it would be helpful to have telegraphed, emailed, faxed my way soon.  It seems as if I am “stabbing in the dark” for a way to be sure I am following the medical discipline to address whatever my body needs.

I have tried the little boxes made up for a week with each days regimen of pills.  I have added a secondary one to be sure that all the supplements are appropriately scheduled.  I begin with the one that can’t be taken with grapefruit or food.  I proceed with breakfast and then fill in with the others that can”t  be mixed with alcohol.  I juggle and try not to mix and divide and sub divide and try to be disciplined in what and when I take whatever.  Damn! Did I do it right?  Will I be okay?

Maybe we now need a specialist in medication management.  Maybe we need someone who messages us daily with an outline of just what, when, why and how we are supposed to injest.  I would hate to admit that the emergency squad came to my home not for overdose,  but from lack of understanding how to dose at all.

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