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Seniors Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

Increasingly seniors are finding it necessary to provide in home care for an elderly member of the family. Often this will mean that someone in the family takes on the responsibility of caregiving of a senior adult, a parent or someone struck with an illness that requires 24/7 attention.

More, caregiving is a situation that involves managing health care issues, watchfulness over the management of medications, careful attention that prevents accidents or oversight that is perpetual during the caretaking period.

It is no small matter for one to agree to take on the full time care or shared care of a family member.  It carries with it the limitations of any one, other than a paid professional, to be alert to all of the matters involving the needs of a family member who is handicapped because of physical limitations.

Limitations for Caregivers

Some of the limitations to which a caregiver needs to be aware are these:

#Be aware of your own physical limitations.  How much stamina will be required to deal with the demands that come with it?

#What common sense and practical knowledge is necessary in dealing with the patient?

#What kind of scheduling will be necessary for others to share in the caretaking task?

#Who is available to provide assistance within the family or circle of friends?

#What are the demands, beyond sensitive caregiving, that will require being met?

#What are the limits on your time and energy?

#Are your skills such that you can offer the necessary help and attention needed?

#Is your own health such that you can offer long term care?

#Will you be comfortable agreeing to your limitations?

#Are you prepared to offer limited boundaries without guilt?

#What are the liability issues, if any, that come with caregiving?

#Are you a family member who is trusted with all the necessary legal matters that may come up?

#If not, who is the primary appointed person who will have such authority?  If you are limited in taking on this role, be sure someone in the family is so recognized.

There are many issues that carry the need for clarity for the caregiver.  Do not hesitate to ask questions. Do not exceed the boundaries of your limitations.

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