Capture Beauty in Your Heart

Oct 29th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How much of our attention is distracted by uninvited interruptions? And how much of the responsibility for that is given over to our own choices?

The other morning when I was home alone, I chose to take a cup of coffee out on the front porch, a place too often ignored by most of us, sit in a rocking chair, listen to the early morning birdsong, watch as the sun began to break through the trees and just quietly capture, absorb and experience the true beauty of the world.

It was a moment of grace. It is a moment requiring the willingness to excuse the many attempts that invade our lives by expelling the quiet when we turn on something to listen to or watch, when we start planning our day too early, without reflecting on its real purpose and value for us that day, and when we start bustling around without giving our bodies a chance to say good morning to the new day.

More and more, it is clear in a stress-filled world that we need such moments which allow us to discover calm, to take in the tranquility of the day, to breathe deeply and to reflect without a thousand other agendas pummeling our minds.

There are also readings which guide ones meditation. Look for those which give opportunity for peace in your spirit. Some enjoy the Psalms, others Deepak Chopra, others Henri Nouwen, others daily meditation guides, others poetry. These may be of helpful importance to train your mind to overcome interruption and distraction.

Of all the counsel which may be offered, it seems to me that the goal of Capturing Beauty in Your Heart is the one which requires your spiritual energy and quieting discipline the most.  When you have done that a time or two, the next time will come more easily. Your heart, symbolically, is the source of all beauty and peace. Keep it in good condition!

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