Cancer Prevention Resources for Seniors

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Cancer Research Reports

Senior Citizen Journal recently partnered with Public Health Corps to offer information about cancer prevention issues to our readers. Underlying this effort is the plan to provide reports on cancer research that our readers will find valuable and important in their lives. told SCJ, “In preparation for a new year full of important Awareness Months and Days…, we recently began a series of research projects. We started with cancer prevention, which we will soon segment by cancer types.  …our initial research turned up numerous educational and potentially lifesaving resources. We reviewed over 175 resources and narrowed down the list to the best 10.”

SCJ offers the Best 10 List here, with a promise to provide additional information as it is available.

Understanding Cancer Risk

What Causes Cancer? 34 Cancer Risk Calculators

8 Ways to Lower Risk of Cancer

Harms of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting

Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk

Radon in Your Home: A Safety Guide

Cancer Prevention Overview from the National Cancer Institute

Preventive Cancer Screenings: What’s Recommended, What’s Covered by Medicare?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine | American Cancer Society

Cancer & Art Therapy

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