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Baby Boomers Evaluate Retirement

For Boomers who are still adjusting to the thrill of retirement and the flood of surprises, joys, tribulations and terrific opportunities that come with it, you may need to take a few moments to explore “how things are going so far?”

I must confess to some jealously toward you and your ilk. I was not born after WW2, but during it. Those times shaped me immeasurably.  Because it was a time for sacrifice and loyalty and patriotism of a kind, not seen or experienced since, all of that worked its way into influencing who I have become.  Now, however, we are on a more equal footing.  We are retired,  and coming with that have been some startling and unexpected downturns that are working on our world view, our economic reality, our cultural experience, our political mind set.

While the playing field is not altogether level, there is about it some bumps and struggles and detours and contradictions we didn’t, most of us, expect. We have come upon some cracks and crevices that loom large before us, making us wonder that with all that went into our developing years, how can it be that our lives, our childrens’ lives face such as they do.

Opening the curtain on the decades to come will reveal dramatic differences and puzzling plots, some with mysterious twists and turns,  the need and desire for a more settled, serene existence. From the perspective of those of us who thought that would be the script, we have become mystified by what is happening.  Whoever thought that Social Security would be in danger? Health Insurance, a perennial issue, is under attack and may lose its footing.   The American Democracy is in a state of major disrepair and need of overhaul.  Values seem askew.  What used to be, ain’t no more.

Exercising Good Judgment and Compassion

Here is where reason and logic, mature and sound judgment, careful reading of the scene, a lack of panic comes in.  This is when all that has been learned will need to be put to work.  This is when separating the sheep from goats occurs.  It appears, from current prognostications, that it won’t be altogether easy.  It will take courage, insight, and ingenuity to make it through whatever is on the horizon. It will require an appreciation of ethics and commonalty to achieve a world with justice, mercy and kindness, a shared sense of “we are all in this together.”

“How are things going so far?” is a question fraught with the need to do a careful evaluation of your own state of  being.  How equipped are you, how prepared, how surrounded by allies, how ready to meet whatever comes–all will be issues to be played out on this stage.

Evaluating and examining our own value system will be a huge part of this.  With Seven Billion people on the planet, we are and will be more and more interdependent.  With Climate Change a growing phenomenon, food, water and clean air will be major issues.  Lackadaisical attitudes and laissez-faire ideologies won’t get the job done. The question “How are things going so far?” is for all of us to ask and reflect upon.  The road ahead, not unlike those behind, will offer a variety of directions to take, detours to experience, unexpected destinations to reach. Good traveling, dear friend.

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