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Seniors Investigate Purchases Carefully

Within the past few months, I have been tempted to dive into unknown waters by considering purchasing a piece of real estate sight unseen.  After a rather comprehensive search, including submitting several offers, a purchase was made, after taking proper precautions and investigating the home carefully.

Seniors are sometimes subject to quick decisions, unwise purchases, and impulsive acts, lacking in thorough investigation before signing on the bottom line. Some are even guilty of dealing with scam artists, whose chicanery can be very obvious, but nonetheless convincing.

Spending a few dollars to check out credibility, and to be sure that a deal is not something cooked up by someone who saw you coming, is far better than signing a contract and offering a check without some means of checking out the company with whom you are doing business.

While it is not always possible to have an iron clad guarantee, coming as close to that as possible is an exercise in prudence, good judgment, and a test of skill, trust and wise thinking.

Developing Trust in the Process

For example, I am now in the maze of searching for a classic car.  The purchase means verifying the quality of the vehicle, the trustworthiness of the seller, the representation of information as valid and authentic.

After all is said and done, trust is the operative word. At first glance, the car looks good, the assurances sound reasonable, the company and its representative seem reliable.  Making the decision means taking the word of persons unknown and an item unseen.  Of course, making a trip by plane, which adds to my cost, is possible.  That act could reduce the anxiety in part.  But finally, even with a chance to drive the car, perhaps have it checked out by a neutral mechanic, at more cost, is another toss of the dice.

Giving in to an emotional, perhaps sentimental,  urge to an old man’s need to buy a toy may be the real motivation. If so, all the assurances likely won’t offer verification of the wisdom of the purchase.

Taking the steps necessary for making such a decision will finally depend on one’s own willingness to commit to such a risk.  If it turns out you will appear to be wise, if not you will need to own whatever regret comes with your choice.

Like so many undertakings in living, it is yours to do and decide.  Like most gambles in life, about all that can be said is Good Luck!

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