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A Sunday Serendipity

The trip was made in order to wrap up some business details for our move from Texas to Arizona. It included a final walk through of the house, during which I met the previous owners. That was a “Before My Very Eyes” experience, because I had participated in purchasing the house without having even seen it. We visited with our realtor one more time. She is my spouse’s sister, so it was more than a business visit, it was an occasion for gratitude and celebration.

Before my very eyes, another venture was turning into an adventure. We were beginning our transition, making a shift from one environment to another, anticipating the tasks and choices and deliberating the decisions which would be a part of this new undertaking.

On Sunday, we visited the congregation that was part of five years of our lives when we lived in Tucson.  It was deja vu all over again. Encountering the place where many of the dreams and ideas of that part of life were born meant that even in fantasy you can go home again. Life had skipped some of the wonders of discovering the secrets of each others’ lives.

The Bond of Friendship Remains Strong

But what remains is an affection, a devotion, a bond that will never disappear. We are a part of each other in a way that is indescribable. All of this has happened before my very eyes.

Life has a mysterious way of winding its own way into the crevices of your heart, reminding you of the past, without being too sentimental, giving you that sudden nudge that says these things, happening before your very eyes, are treasures that help keep you complete and whole.

How these valuable moments and revisited days can mean so much is beyond comprehension. It’s like being thrust into another time when life seemed more romantic, simpler, precious beyond compare. But when it happens before your eyes, it is more than just a simple nudge, it is a magic moment, enjoyed again at the behest of old friends, wonderful places, new explorations and surreal occasions that you just don’t want to let go.

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