Attention Senior Citizens! How Many of These Behaviors Describe You?

Jul 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Among behaviors demonstrated by seniors there are many that I find myself admiring.  What is difficult to comprehend, however, is how one arrives at behaviors that seem to keep attitudes at their best, health at its most vital, friendships abundant, home life content, interactions with others at a steady and enjoyable level.

Among these behaviors are:

*A calm, easy going disposition.  Nothing seems to upset or detour one’s daily life into dead end despair.

*A serene spirit, which means there is a stability about one’s world view, that is not negatively influenced by day to day events that are beyond one’s control.  

*A regimen of exercise which seems to keep the body functioning well and the complaints down regarding physical limitations.

*A relationship with your significant other that is always affirming, genuine, and enjoyable. If married, that choice was made, along with promises and commitments, that affirmed this as your covenant.

*Entertaining and light in your outlook on life.  Why be down when you can choose to be up?  Why look for causes for despair, when the other choice is balance and optimism?

*Do you enable others to crawl out of their holes, and point them toward experiencing brighter days? 

*When someone in your circle generates lots of negativity, do you try to redirect the mood and conversation?

*Are you aware whether your face carries a smile or a frown most of the time?

*Is there an optimistic spring in your step, so that it demonstrates that you are meeting the world with joy and expectation?

*Do you avoid the “stuff” out there that is phony, unnecessary, a rip off and designed to cheat you by stealing your resources, time, and good spirits? 

*When met with such, are you comfortable, just saying No?  No is a good defense against those who crawl in dark caves and seek to invade your peace of mind.

*Finally, are you determined, no matter what, to see the world through rose, but realistic, glasses, thus giving your outlook an optical advantage every day?

*If most of these behaviors describe you, then you have a good start on being a very happy and healthy person most of the time.  Why not check out your behaviors periodically to ascertain if you are giving yourself the best advantage for having a good day everyday?

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