Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Jul 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Easy question!  Tough to answer.  Taking care of yourself is a relative issue.  Some think taking care of oneself is fairly easy to accomplish.  Others impose a steady, regular and somewhat strenuous set of exercises and disciplines, which are admirable, but also demanding. 

No matter one’s age, such an orientation is helpful and necessary to all persons.  Limits will be required, depending on physical condition and other issues.  Taking care of oneself more than anything else, however, is just accepting the routine.  That is the toughest consideration of all. It becomes so easy to drop the habit, get out of the routine, ignore the exercise.  That is the biggest struggle to conquer in keeping yourself at the ready.  Easily said…hard to do!

One of the things that is helpful is going to a physical therapist who will introduce a series of exercises which will assist dealing with keeping your muscles stretched, your bones introduced to enabling movements, your routine established for a seven day a week regimen.   

Massage is another helpful methodology to introduce to your body for flexibility.  Everyone who is caught up in physical therapy always recommends walking.  Some situations are severe enough that some medication may be required to reduce pain and discomfort.  The problem with that is that it often masks the issue and does not improve the situation.

Taking Care of Yourself requires several other things.  Do not overindulge in sitting, although comfortable, tempting and somewhat satisfying.  It also insists upon a good night’s sleep every night.  Drinking deters good sleep, so moderation is recommended.

A diet which meets all the necessary dietary requirements, avoids offending foods, ignores too much in the way of sugars, saturated and trans fats, simple carbohydrates, and any foods to which you may be allergic. 

Keeping track of your weight, your heart rate, your cholesterol, PSA, regular breast exams, checking for diabetes, particularly if it runs in the family  are all necessary to a schedule for taking care of yourself.

In the meantime, having a good time, enjoying yourself, eating lots of fruits and vegetables will contribute to a very healthy discipline for taking care of yourself.  You have heard this since you were a child.  Like me, don’t you think it rather smart to begin taking such counsel seriously?

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