Anxiety, Anger and Apathy

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Negative Emotions Create Disease

Three of the big time injuries often self inflicted, particularly among the aging, are anxiety, anger and apathy. To be sure there are contrasts in these states of mind, but also clearly they are loaded with such inordinately negative ammunition to be killers.

Each of these emotions work negatively on the heart, body, soul and spirit. They go further for they alienate perfectly good and well meaning friends from the stable of those who are best equipped to offer you solace when you need it.

Anxiety is Dangerous

Anxiety is probably the most critically dangerous of the three, particularly when/if it is harbored quietly and daily. Anxiety may or may not be detectable by others. Sometimes, the victim knows when it is taking over and needs to be checked. Often, little or no strategic response is introduced. Anxiety is like termites in a house. It eats at you, the inside of you, until the damage may be beyond repair.

Anger More Obvious

Anger is more blatant and less subtle. It is visible and dramatic. It is fed by guilt and fear and vulnerability and anxiety. As a matter of fact, anxiety enjoys anger, for it allows the full blown expression of anxiety and anger to make themselves known to all in their way.

Anger is also troubling physically. Its influence on the health of body and spirit can be frightfully damaging. Anger is, for some, often difficult to control. Some persons suffer from something called “intermittent rage disorder” which is chemically prompted and cannot be self disciplined. Therapy and medication are both useful methods for governing this behavior.

Apathy May Be Linked to Depression

Apathy, at last would seem almost a cure for the two previously discussed conditions. However, apathy has the reverse effect of anxiety and anger. Apathy can be a serious depression which contributes to loss of energy, interest and involvement in everything beyond yourself. Such loss steals your vitality and uniqueness. It creates a sense of non-worth. It is uncomfortable to be in such a state and to be around someone going through it. Needless to say, it affects the body and spirit of the one going through it. It is a way of putting walls up between yourself and healthy interactions, just as anxiety and anger may.

These three states of mind require passports that you create and stamp when you decide to travel across their boundaries. Use your perseverance to be on the alert when any of these behaviors begin to threaten your well being.

Alcohol Linked to All Three

If you drink alcohol, resist it, for most of these behaviors are exacerbated by drinking. If you are unable to resist drinking, call a local alcoholism recovery facility for help.

Decide that these three A’s, fed by a fourth, alcohol, may introduce you to more rapid and unhealthy aging.

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