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Changes Can be Subtle

Everyday adjustments and changes are so subtle, we hardly recognize them as they are happening. Discovering my thyroid to have crashed early in retirement was a complete surprise.  To find out that prostate cancer had invaded my body and required immediate removal was a total shock, requiring quick, decisive action. After five years, I remain free and clear.  Macular degeneration, with the cleverness of a thief in the night, showed up with progressive and aggressive indicators.  Mother’s death, while expected, brought about the shock that decline refuses to hide. We watch as friends take on the battles that ill health forces upon all of us.  Day to day changes come and go, and their coming and going introduce us to the realities of living and dying.

The torment of invasive disease demands that we pay attention and take appropriate action to deal with them.  In the meantime, we seek to eke out as much of life’s pleasures as we can, and as we are able.

Unfortunately warranties are not given to assure us of a life free of pain and struggle. We must sign up for whatever insurance we can to give us as much quality of life as possible.  Even that insurance can be lacking in protecting us as much as we would like.  While we may draw satisfaction that life span has increased for women and men, there are still those dynamics with which we must wrestle, preventative methods to dissuade the negatives.

When wrinkles and muscle loss and greying hair come, we are made aware that that change, which we thought so unlikely to affect us, has a way of rearing its head. Suddenly children grow up.  Dramatically all kinds of alterations occur around and before us.  Awareness of the decrease in options for use of time become clearer.  Day to day changes take place both subtly and dramatically.

Before we know it the dreams and ambitions and plans of a lifetime have come to fruition.  Suddenly we are made aware that some of the things we had hoped and dreamed we would do are no longer available. The hopes and dreams, as the doing of them, have been dashed against the rocky reality of the present.

Seniors Adjust to Aging

So we come, day by day, to the time of making more limited choices, of taking into account the variations in our activities, of doing as much as we can, as often as we can, as carefully as we must.

Life does not usually put on the brakes suddenly.  Slowly, but very certainly, the pads need to be replaced.  The time for overhaul comes.  Attention to maintenance issues to keep us going are ever present.  More frequent visits to the mechanics who keep us in working order are required.

Day to day we are met with the demands of a body that will not let us ignore it.  And day to day we are allowed to do what we can to withdraw from the account of time left as much as we can, as much pleasure, as much joy, as much life stimulating satisfaction as can be sucked from the marrow of our bones, and the excitement of our hearts and minds.

So live it as full and provocative as possible, day to day.

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